Back To The Basics: My Top 5 Health Happiness Essentials

As an entrepreneur in the health and wellness arena I am so overwhelmed at the amount of information (good and bad), fads, science (good and bad), diets, detoxes, workout systems (good and bad), – where would someone possibly begin? So I sat down and decided to reflect on what I believe are the top five basic […]

My 5 Reasons You Should Bodyweight Train

Bodyweight training has been a key foundation in my own personal fitness for years. Since I like to practice what I preach, all of my fitness clients have experienced many progressions of bodyweight exercises. Although there are so many amazing forms and benefits in bodyweight training I decided to share with you my top 5 […]

Nature’s Therapy – Color, Light, and Endorphins

After earning a Bachelors degree of Art and Design, I understand that color and light play a vital roll in our world. Color and light can affect mood, change actions, sway thinking and suppress appetite. Color is a powerful form of communication, color is everywhere in nature and color is irreplaceable. Since I have always […]

Electrify Your Soul – Go Barefoot

If you want to get charged from the ground up, consider going barefoot. Why is it that as soon as I get to the beach for a workout its time to kick off the sandals and sink my bare feet in the sand? It just feels good, right? True, but there is a little more to […]