I Am

A human with a voice, a creative, fitness professional and entrepreneur who persues a balance of design, movement arts, and overall nourishment of mind body and spirit.

I Live

By nurturing all elements of life, working diligently while taking time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Also – always realizing the true nature and beauty of things from form, style and origin. Oh yeah, one more thing – keeping a positive vibration.

My Mission

To direct people to the path of reaching their full potential of their authentic self.

My Story.

I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Boston, an entrepreneur, soul athlete (train and perform to nourish the soul and not all for the competition) former graphic designer/art director turned full-time health and outdoor fitness innovator. Additionally I am a husband, father of 3 and inspiration for people who want to live in harmony with creativity, love, and overall nourishment of mind body and spirit.

By 2014, I became a go-to resource for the latest in outdoor and natural fitness in publications like the Wall Street Journal, Departures, and Miami Herald. After co-creating Forbes 5 Star V Art of Wellness with my wife Tracie Vlaun in 2011, my wife and I have been internationally acclaimed for some of the best outdoor and beach fitness programs based in Miami Beach along with guest instructor retreats at some of the most stunning destinations. We have since grown the luxury V Art of Wellness to a premier fitness brand.

The Epiphany

My big epiphany came in spring of 2008 when I was in the worst shape of his life working in a toxic environment as a designer/creative director for a formally successful company getting dissolved in the wake of ego and family turmoil. At that point I was sitting more than 10 hours per day, enduring a toxic relationship at home, in the worst shape of my life while raising a 4 year old — frightened at what the future may bring. At that point I know of only one outlet – get outside and workout.

Tapping into Innate Wisdom

Left without many options in pursuit of happiness and life harmony I decided to make a change by stepping outside before daybreak and hit the beach for a daily workout/reboot session. In the process of finding balance and happiness he began to discover the magic of human intuition and wisdom. One morning while running with shoes off on the soft Miami Beach sand as the sun was rising over the Atlantic Ocean, I was hit with a giant wave of inspiration. A voice in my head said “This is not just exercise, this is nourishment”. At that point I realized that my intuition will lead to search for the validation of an innate human wisdom. The idea of removing the shoes and running, gripping the soft sand with the feet, feeling the rising sun as it glistened of the ocean was not only liberating, but in many ways a necessity. Sure enough, with a little research I came across some great resources validating this inclination of innate wisdom. From that point on intuition lead to validation of many aspects in the nourishment of mind, body and spirit. Within our human wisdom we can sense there is an abundance of energy or “Qi” in whole plant based nutrition along with vibration it carries or the idea of “Earthing” and grounding yourself while being barefoot in nature. As enlightening as this wall was, it only be the beginning of this great journey.

Chris Vlaun's ReBoot Camp Sunrise

Feeding the soul.

Back to college days

Months after my big epiphany I made a decision to resort to my college day supplemental income, meaning get back into personal training. While in Design school, I worked as a personal trainer at one of the highest grossing Bally’s Total Fitness – at the time it was the go-to health and fitness club. I always had an affinity for working out while intrigued by the latest in “functional fitness”. At a time when the bigger, the better was in style functional fitness did not get much attention.  At the time I was observing some of the early pioneers like: Gary Gray – Gray Institute. Mike Boyle, Dr. Stuart McGill, Mike Clark – NASM, and Juan Carlos Santana, early on I realized that this is something people need to not only for performance, but to live better as well.

Yoga Experience

A few months after getting into functional fitness and personal training, a close friend and workout partner introduced me to Baron Babtiste Yoga. The first experience was awkward, hot, super uncomfortable but at the same time, addictive. Immediately, I realized there was a connection. This is more than just physical, it was a practice that had many layers and the experience was engrained. Years later, stepping onto the beach barefoot to train brought me back to that same experience. It was functional, it was mindful, and it was spiritual. This all made so much sense and it was time to share it. A few years later I went on to co-create Aeroga Movement with my wife Tracie. Aeroga Movement became the main training system taught to a majority of our private clients.

Training with the Hollywood guys!

Training with the Hollywood guys!

Power of Word of Mouth

In 2008 it was quite rare to find people working out barefoot on the beach. Most of the time you would find a few people running with shoes at a slow pace and very labored and awkward. In the beginning, I started training at a few Miami Beach luxury beachfront condominium complexes that had direct beach access. Before long I was incorporating a beach training day into the curriculum for most of my clients. Within a few weeks I was getting requests from top Surgeons, top Restauranteurs, top Fashion Designers and the Who’s Who from Greenwich, Ct.

Today, I still train a handful of clients that include CEO’s, HNWI, professional athletes, celebrities, royalty and olympians. When my wife and I are not in Miami you may find them teaching retreats in the Caribbean, Cabo or an amazing mountain town in the American West.

Passion and innovation has landed me features in; The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomberg,  Departures, Miami Herald, Shape, Ocean Drive, Travel and Leisure, The Guardian and more.

Fun times - Training with Andy!

Fun times – Training with Andy!