Here are some great simple tools to take your fitness on the road.

I like to keep it simple. So here are a few simple and effective tools to add to the toolkit.

Chris Vlaun - Resistance Band Training

Resistance Bands – Resistance band are incredibly cost effective, adaptable for most fitness levels, support whole body exercises, and excellent for traveling. I love incorporating resistance bands because they are incredibly simple, but they’re also extremely effective at working your muscles. Additionally, resistance-band training can help you boost stamina, mobility and more.

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Chris Vlaun - Ring Pull UpGymnastic Rings – Gymnastic rings are the king of simple and effective equipment. You want to pack on some muscle almost anywhere, anytime? Invest in a set of gymnastic rings. All you need is a pull-up bar, tall (STURDY) branch or a swing-set. In the beginning start with the primary push-pull exercises that emphasize control over the rings and your body. You will notice that these are some of the best exercises for hypertrophy and muscle conditioning.

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Mini Parallettes – Parallettes are a fantastic tool to help you gain strength and skill set while protecting your wrists and hands from overuse injuries, which are very common when people start to train entry-level gymnastic moves. These mini wood parallettes are small enough to shove in a backpack or gym bag.

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ManDuka Unisex PRO 71″ Yoga Mat – I have been using Manduka yoga mats for the last 9 years – although I have used many other brands, I have to say Manduka is the best hands down. They are thick, durable, ultra-dense and spacious. I would have to say that it has unmatched comfort and cushioning. The PRO version will never wear out. I often use it for Aeroga Movement training and classes.

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