Train Hard and Nourish vs. Diet and Exercise

We have long been conditioned to the phrase that if you need to get in shape, lose weight, or get advice from your doctor it will sound like this: “I suggest diet and exercise”. It may not sound so inspiring, it sounds somewhat like a chore to me…  Two ways to look at it and two different approaches: […]

My Top Three Bodyweight Exercise Alternatives. [Expanded]

Here is a post for 2013. As I stand strong in following three exercises as my top bodyweight alternatives, I wanted add 2 bonus exercises that should be added to the mix. So enjoy the following, if you are already familiar with the following  jump down to the [expanded] section. Enjoy! I often hear people say that […]

Want to get ripped: Do Sprintwork

So – after recently welcoming a newborn son, time has become extremely limited. With consideration that I must find a way to still fit in some intense workouts, sprint work has been my 2x a week got-to workout. Now take a second and think about the guys and girls who were the most ripped (i.e. lowest […]

Soul Meets Body

Have to say thanks for the opportunity to work with such a great team Mega Mace and Cyberobics. Here is a sneak preview of one of the newest courses. Photo Credit: Cyberobics