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Electrify Your Soul – Go Barefoot

If you want to get charged from the ground up, consider going barefoot.
Why is it that as soon as I get to the beach for a workout its time to kick off the sandals and sink my bare feet in the sand? It just feels good, right? True, but there is a little more to it.

Significantly over the last 9 years I have been training myself as well as most of my clients on Miami Beach barefoot. I have somewhat habitually urged that my clients/guests join me by being barefoot throughout the experience. Intuitively, I sensed that this was something they needed. I have often mentioned that studies have shown that lightning gives us approximately 20 flashes to the ground per second globally and therefore 1,728,000 flashes to the ground per day. This seems like a huge number, but it is necessary to maintain an electrical balance between the Earth’s surface and the atmosphere. Does this mean that we get charged up from this as well? I would say “yes”.

According to a new book called “Earthing” by Martin Zucker,  you were experiencing the flow of the earth’s electric energy connecting to your physical body, which has been scientifically proven to promote healing and create a deep sense of well-being within us. Grounding is simple and it is free. You simply connect your bare feet directly to the earth and enjoy the organic healing benefits.

Throughout generations cultures around the world have honored the connection to the earth. In Chinese Medicine it is called Qi or “Life Force”, Native Americans have a deep connection to the nourishing qualities of the soil. They also found that it has a mothering while soothing power that is all healing, cleansing and strengthening while walking sitting or running barefoot on her surface.

Dr. Daniel Chong states “The surface of the earth is teaming with a continuous supply of electrons. Unfortunately, standard shoes stop the necessary flow of electrons into our bodies. This separation can have a devastating impact on our health. When we’re not insulated from these electrons we literally quench the free radicals that accumulate in our bodies. Where do these free radicals come from? Everything from stress and manmade electromagnetic fields to toxins, infections and poor diets — all which contribute to chronic fatigue and inflammation”

How to experience the connection…

You do not necessaraly need to live on beach. Go barefoot outside for half hour and see if you notice your stress level begin to diminish. Begin to move, stand walk even sit on the grass, sand, gravel or unpainted concrete. Wood, vinyl or asphalt won’t work.

If you do live near the beach I suggest to step out on the sand and begin to connect to the earth’s life-force.

2016 Chris Vlaun | Founder V Art of Wellness